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Sheald™ Recovery Balm



SHEALD Recovery Balm formula dramatically replenishes hydration to dry, sensitive, or compromised skin. This fortifying remedy works overtime to help support the skin's function while soothing, curative botanicals relieve the discomfort of dry, distressed, and post-procedure skin. Clinically proven to provide environmental protection, SHEALD Recovery Balm is an excellent treatment for damaged skin and doubles as a protective moisturizer at any time. 15 g e Net wt. 0.5 oz

Protects while stimulating new cell growth
Reduces irritation with antimicrobial environmental barrier
Prevents scabbing, relieves itching & tightness

After cleansing and applying your antioxidant serum and eye cream, apply about a dime size of moisturizer and gently massage into the face, neck, chest and hands in an upward motion. Use twice daily AM and PM. This product is also wonderful post rejuvenation treatment or when the skin is compromised.