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RejudiCare Synergy™ Retinol SRX


RejudiCare Synergy™ Retinol SRX
Age Defying Night Gel

The effective and cosmetically elegant Retinol

Retinol is the best anti aging, anti-wrinkle ingredient available on the market today. Lack of cosmetic appeal from current formulations prevents proper use and good patient experience.

Retinol SRX
The optimal, proven Retinol formulation

  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clearer, brighter appearance of the skin
  • Stimulate formation of collagen and hyaluronic acid

Cleanse the skin and in the PM only apply to the face and neck area and avoid the eye area completely. Redness, flaking and dryness may occur. Use a few times a week as tolerated and if tolerated 2-5 nights a week you can upgrade to the SRX MAX at your next order.