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Marine Collagen in Strawberry


Don’t just build collagen, build healthy collagen. The synergy of fish collagen peptides, silicon and whole food vitamin C help protect against skin aging while supporting hair and nail health. A daily dose of Marine Collagen + Co-Factor benefits include:

  • Build: Helps in collagen formation
  • Support: Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Protect: Source of an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals
  • Repair: Helps in wound healin

Increments of 6 Marine Collagen + Co-Factors (Strawberry) Collagen: the Beauty Protein In the body, collagen is the primary ‘structural protein’, however, due to its importance to skin, we also refer to it as the ‘beauty protein’. In healthy skin, collagen is abundant. It is responsible for giving your skin structure, firmness, and elasticity. Collagen Decline and Damage Collagen production starts declining in your 20’s. Age-related decline in collagen production is met with yet another problem. Collagen is constantly under attack by free radicals which damage and weaken the collagen matrix. The decline in collagen production along with the increase in collagen damage results in significant changes in the skin: fine lines, furrows, roughness, and wrinkles. When consumed orally, collagen peptides are absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the dermis where they stimulate the production of collagen.

Easy to Take and Delicious

Choose from Three Natural Flavours: Strawberry, Unflavoured, Coconut Taking Marine Collagen + Co-Factors (Strawberry) is as easy as mixing 2.5 teaspoons in a glass of water or beverage of choice. With the fresh taste of natural strawberry, or coconut flavour, lightly sweetened with organic stevia leaf extract (rebaudioside A), it’s love at first sip. Or enjoy our pure unflavoured option.