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Good Bye Yellow Shampoo


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Schwarzkopf Professional®'s GOODBYE YELLOW® is a highly-pigmented wash that offers an instant tonal deposit to counteract and neutralize underlying yellow tones. It cleanses hair gently while strengthening thanks to integrated Bonding Technology. FREE OF SLS and harmful ingredients!

Hair base: medium to light blonde

Vegan formula*


GOODBYE YELLOW® is for clients looking to maintain their cool blonde by neutralizing any underlying yellow tones, prevent color fading and enhance color intensity.

What it Does

  • Neutralizes yellow undertones
  • Counteracts cool tone color fade
  • Quick and easy to apply at the backwash
  • The calibrated pigment combination of purple and blue direct dyes is formulated to neutralize unwanted yellow undertones while gently cleansing the hair
  • The unique 4.5pH level supports effective and long-lasting results